Monday, March 3, 2014

Manifesto Animation

Here's the latest animation I created for the Y. You can see two versions below. The first is the final version, what we ended up showing at our big annual event. The second is where the animation was just two days prior to the event, one day prior to deadline. Needless to say, it took many a caffeinated drink to get me through this one. In the end, I am proud of where the animation ended up. Honestly, I would've been embarrassed to show the original version even if I tweaked it here and there. With several other multimedia projects to complete before the event and time ticking away, the original version of the animation is all that I thought I could do just to push something out. My best efforts were yet to come. The new version is much simpler, easier to digest and much more compelling. Even though those 24 hours of non-stop screen staring were tough, sometimes you just have to power through it to get where you want to be. #lifelesson #yesiknowhowhashtagswork



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